The Number Six: Bible Numerology Code

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The idea of man's imperfection without God or Christ is symbolized by the number 6 in the Bible. This human number shows up whenever the division between humankind and the holy exists.


Humans were made on the sixth day of creation, permanently connecting the number 6 with people. God also instructed people to work for 6 days and only rest on the seventh as he did. The number 6 symbolizes the need for labor and struggle throughout humankind.


Other instances of opposition toward God are also symbolized by the number six. For example, the devil came to Jesus six times and tempted him. The opposition of Nehemiah also involves six types of challenge and opposition as well: grief, laughter, mocking indignation, open fighting, conference and friends who are not true.


Words that the casual Bible reader may not understand as connecting to the fact of man's opposition to God occur six times each in the Bible as well. These include destruction, shame, change, bar, ungodliness, abomination and the phrase to entreat shamefully. If you read the passages in which they occur and research the more complex meaning of the context they are within, you can see how they speak to man's imperfections.


No matter how the number six is mathematically represented in the Christian Bible, it indicates the separation between God and humankind. Separation leads to the corruption of the earth as God intended it and the failings of man to truly connect and be one with God himself. The creation of man on the sixth day of Genesis shows that this mark of corruption is permanent.


The sixth day was the end of God's creation of the world, which has been adopted into even the modern workforce where many people do not work on Sunday. God instructed man to toil for six days and only rest on one as well.


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