The Number Four: Bible Numerology Code

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Biblical numerology is commonly known to study the numbers that occur in Bible. Here we will explore the meaning of number 4 in Biblical context. This number symbolizes God’s plan and world’s order.


Bible numerology number 4 consists of two numbers - 3 and 1. It has a strong and deep meaning, symbolizing the unity and strength after revelation of Almighty in the Trinity. The most important is that number 4 embodies all the things you see around, it depicts the Creations made by God. Fire, Earth, Water and Air are the four elements of the universe. Four sides of the world – east, west, north, south and four time divisions – morning, evening, noon and midnight are also accompanied by number 4.


Year has 4 seasons: summer, autumn, spring and winter. Square has 4 sides and moon has 4 main variations of its phases. Abovementioned are the creations made by God in the first 4 days and on the fifth and sixth day the finishing of Earth and settling with life were made.


One of the Bible versions tells about the river in paradise that is parted into four heads and that is why number 4 in Bible numerology often means division. According to the Bible it is associated with unity and wholeness, as 4 is the square of the number 2 that stands for material maturity.


Bible contains 4 main gospels: Matthew, Luke, John, and Mark. God’s throne is surrounded by 4 beasts that also strengthen the meaning of number 4 in Bible numerology. The square-shaped New Jerusalem has 4 equal sides and the breastplate of the high priests was also foursquare. Number 4 appears in the stones with titles of twelve tribes of Israel. These stones have four rows and three stones within each row.


You can see a lot of examples of number four in different variations of Biblical afflatuses that show how important it is in Biblical numerology. The amount of people who believe in Biblical numerology is growing and it influences the faith of people, which is favorable for religion and advanced comprehension of the Holy Book.


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