The Number Twelve: Bible Numerology Code

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The number 12 is closely associated in the Bible with the number three, which represents the holy Trinity, and the number four, which represents four bends of the horizon. Perfect harmony and completion of a process or growth is symbolized by 12.


Since the number three is associated with the spiritual and the divine, and the number four with the physical and material world, the multiplication of those two indicates the perfect blend and combination of all things under God. The number 12 has symbolic meaning when it comes to space and time, as we can see on our clocks and calendars. This cosmic number is often found when discussing the administration of the world. At the last supper, Jesus Christ breaks 12 loaves of bread and declares them to be the "Bread of Life," as well as his divine body. The 12 symbolizes again the connection between spirituality and physical manifestations of the world.


The Old Testament is also full of symbology surrounding the number 12 and the various meanings of it. For example, the celestial city was guarded by 12 different gates, each of which had one of 12 precious gemstones. One tail speaks of a tree of life that grows a different type of fruit for each month of the year: 12 different ones. A woman is graced by 12 stars resting on her crown. Both Jacob and Ishmael had 12 sons and there were 12 priests in the Chronicles. Elisha's altar was made from 12 stones, 12 loaves of bread for left on a golden table as an offering, 12 names were engraved on the pectoral, 12 branches confined Aaron and 12 explorers sought out Canaan.


Other instances of the number 12 appearing in the Bible include 12 tribes of Israel, 12 stripes in Ahijah's cloak, and 12 stones were offered in the Jordan River to build a monument. Perhaps most significant is the 12 disciples or apostles of Jesus Christ.


The book of Revelation again mentions the 12 gates, which are each guarded by an angel so that they number 12 altogether, that must be passed through to reach the kingdom of heaven.


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