The Number Nine: Bible Numerology Code

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The last in our number system, the number nine, has many symbolic meanings in ancient writings. Some of its meanings include finality and complexity, since it encompasses all the other numbers. It was considered sacred in ancient Egypt and Greece.


In the Christian Bible, the number nine symbolizes the sum total of human beings. The three aspects of humans – the world of physical matter, the world of souls and the world of the spirit – are combined in a trinity which multiplies out to nine. For nine months, a mother carries her child as it matures. There are nine choruses of angels that sound from heaven.


Nine has also been associated with infinity. The Freemason organization recognizes the number nine as a symbol of the eternity lived by humankind.


There are multiple instances in the Bible that utilize the number nine to fulfill these symbols as well. Jesus Christ died at the ninth hour after being hung on the cross. After he rose from the dead and ascended to heaven, he appeared to disciples and apostles nine times. St. Paul also speaks of different gifts that come from God above: healing, prophecy, miracles, faith, knowledge, wisdom, spiritual discretion, speaking in tongues and being able to understand tongues. Likewise, St. Paul's list of spiritual fruits number nine: peace, love, goodness, gentleness, truthfulness, joy, patience, kindness and self-control.


Mathematically, nine is the final number in the series of numerals that we use. It contains all the other numbers in existence and completes one cycle of numerals before the next begins. Biblical teachings mimic the mathematical characteristics of the number nine and uses it to signify the completion of a cycle. In the genealogy of biblical characters, the time between Adam and Noah is nine generations, and the time between Noah and Abraham is also nine generations. Abraham received direct word from God he was 99 years old. Logically speaking, the original name of Habram works out to be the number nine as well. This signifies the spiritual completion of his life and soul.


Because of nines close association with three, since 9 = 3×3, and three is a powerful number of the Trinity, nine is especially potent and perfect. The number nine can represent meditation, inspiration and harmony and is closely associated with creation and the dynamic flow of life.


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