The Number Two: Bible Numerology Code

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The number one indicates both solidarity and uniqueness and stands for unity of all things. The number two indicates the opposite: that differences exist and all things cannot be contained in the one. These differences are not intrinsically bad or good, but can show how these polar opposites differ from each other and can also exist at the same time. The number two can indicate different things based on the context of where it is found. In mathematics, two is the foundation of all division. Likewise with humankind, the number two signifies man's fall and the opposition that can infiltrate his being throughout life.


When God created the world, the thing he made on day two was the light, which divided the dark and light of every day cycle. This clearly shows the divisive nature of the number two in the Bible. The meaning of division is carried into the second chapter after creation when He forms Adam. Not only does this demonstrate a division between the godly and the humanity, but also culminates in his obedience, which further reveals the separation of the two.


The existence of any second thing in a list automatically implies that there are multiples of something and a divergence from true unity. While the first sentence in the Bible shows the perfection and order, the second sentence, "And the earth was without form and void," immediately begins the divergence between that divine perfection and the physical damage or devastation of the world.


Genesis, the first holy book of the Bible, contains 12 sections. The beginning section describes to us the perfection of God and the ordered structure of his divine accomplishments. The second section of the chapter describes the divergent path that man took and his fall from grace. Opposition is first introduced here. After Genesis, the second book, Psalms, begins with a tale of an oppressive enemy.


The book of Psalms clearly indicates the power of two, not only in that it is the second book of the Bible, but that did every second Psalm in each book describes a struggle with opposing forces and oppression. Every human should have with in him or herself a balance of mind, body and spirit. Without appropriate spiritual values, the two remaining aspects are out of balance and the individual suffers as a result.


This use of the second occurrence having to do with enmity is mirrored in the Epistles of the New Testament. Also, whenever a certain word shows up two times in scriptures, that word is also related to opposing forces.


Even God is not immune to the oppositional power of the number two. When he divided the waters from the land on the second day of creation, it was the sole day when he wasn't aware that his actions were good according to scripture. God himself clearly demonstrated that the number two stood for divergence and opposition, just as he divided the light from dark and water from the ground.


The number two is biblically represented in many ways to indicate separation that exists between God and man. Just as the light and darkness are divided during Genesis, the opposition and enmity that occurs frequently in the Bible speak of the trials and tribulations that men must indoor because of this separation.


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