Sun in Aquarius


Those with the Sun in Aquarius differ with an eccentric temperament, determination and stubbornness.In their efforts to update the environment they can go so far that would seek changes for the sake of change. The desire for spiritual renewal in these people often borders with overreactions and charlatanism. To demonstrate something in the best possible way, Aquarius may go for the invalid means, so the desired result will not be achieved.


Often it seems that people do not understand their ideas. Indeed, it is difficult to say whether they are really obsessed with the new idea of reform, or they are just making evil jokes and pranks. After all, they're really spiritually developed, impressionable and active, and the ideas they have are really good. However the reputation of the frivolous, prone to profanity person causes suspicion from the others to them. This happens for a reason, because sometimes they destroy the best reforms because of their embellishments and too many promises. They have a lot of ideas but lack the strength and seriousness to fight for them consistently.


Preaching the idealism, in the decisive situations they may not show an example of those. They often dream of influential positions, but do not want to leave the cozy apartment in oder to actually get one.


idea man light

They are always puzzling everyone. It is quite possible that a bluff is their actual essence. Yet they are not only pranksters, but also they are wonderful inventors and geniuses (and this is what Aquarius always think about themselves). They watch th track of time. They are always looking for something, but not systematically, and very impulsive, their inventions are not the result of a long and laborious work and observations, but are mostly an instant enlightenment.


They often react unexpectedly clever, but not logical. They question and criticize everything, but do not react on the criticism personally. Seeming to be to be contradictory and capricious, they may even seem disbelieving in the business, in which they are engaged and which they proclaim. That's because they know people and know that they can not impose the higher requirements. Aquarius truly love people and they are great in their tolerance.


Usually they are dressed casually, or super-luxury, or bright and catchy. They have a highly developed intelligence and they communicate friendly with everyone. Usually Aquarius give a quite controversial impression. Most of them have interests in the spiritual field. It is better for them to work in a team which aims to implement the ideals, in such case they exhibit all their talents and tirelessness. They are attracted by technology, in this area they are very resourceful, as elsewhere, if there is a need to find something, to re-register, re-classify, to use intuition (in medicine - psychology) as well as in all new ways of science.


They have the ability to discover talents. Their activity is high, but heterogeneous. Sometimes they are like a storm, sometimes - very quiet. They need some unusual work with the original ideas, they are quickly changing. They can adjust to any job, quickly orient themselves in any unfamiliar place.


They appreciate the communication through the unusual acquaintance.Partners must be original and eye-catching. For Aquarius boredom is worse than death. They are loved for being unusual, unpredictable, you never get bored with them. But where is those partner that will stand the eternal alternation of moods and unexpected behavior - this is another question. Usually things are a lot better than people think, because Aquarius have a sense of responsibility: the family means a lot for them, and children are the purpose of human’s life. In the there is usually mutual understanding and help in Aquarius family, children are brought up by very advanced techniques. At Aquarius’ home is always a pleasant atmosphere.


attention man

Aquarius' risks are: the desire for originality may be illusory, unusual might alienate others, individualism, poor concentration, lightheadedness in communication, lack of seriousness.



You are a very freedom-loving person. And you have a strong will.Estimating, you rely only on your own mind and you have a strong desire to build your life in your own way, even if it means breaking the conventional rules and traditions. In personal relationships you are not able to give yourself fully to someone. Although you acknowledge that to get something from a person, you need to give a part of yourself in return , you will not easily accept the emotional balance of very close relationships. You are an intellectually open person, during the individual contact, tet-a-tet, you may appear extremely stubborn, unable to accept another opinion, inflexible. You have very strong beliefs about what is true and what is not, about the equality in your relationships and you try to live according to these ideals. But your perfect representation of how people should treat each other, does not always take into account human weaknesses, differences and needs. Probably you do not like sentimentality, traditional distinction between the gender roles and "games" people play.


You are fair, intelligent, objective, and often prefer to make choices by your head, not by your heart. Many people have an impression that emotionally you do not need anyone but yourself. You are separated from people, but you can put aside your personal feelings to look at things dispassionately. But once you have decided something you will not budge. You can be quite dogmatic.


head director man

You have an inherent large-scale thinking, a serious concern about what goes beyond your personal sphere: the life of your city, country and even the planet. Perhaps you will become engaged in some municipal affairs, the affairs of civil society organizations, groups, and show a keen interest in their activities. You get the pleasure of participating in public events and often find yourself an organizer, administrator, and leader of various unions.


You are a person of progressive opinion, you have high hopes for the future, you watch out for all the changes in the world.You immediately react on different currents in contemporary culture, on the new ideas and changes in lifestyle. In your young years, you were easily influenced by your peers, group pressure. You probably followed the latest fashion. Your mind is inclined to experiments and always responds to everything new.


Your strengths are : you are seriously concerned with how to make people live better, how to make society function better. You have a well developed a sense of justice, democracy, the ability to look ahead. Your flaws are stubbornness, inflexibility, insensitivity and even bluntness when it comes to the personal feelings and personal needs.




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