Sun in Virgo


For people who have Sun in Virgo, the main principle of life is: "the order and the reason". They are always looking for knowledge in order to subdue the matters to a mind control.
They are reliable. Their inner strength gives peace and security. They have a healthy sense of realism. They may go for experiments, but only after a careful reflection, as planned, with the check ups on the way. After finishing one thing, they start another, they are not easily misled. They are tenacious and accurate.

Often Virgos have a fear of life (although not always recognized), making every effort to protect themselves and to insure their safety. Contributions are paid on time, Virgos work without too much talking. They work harder, than the others, not disdaining even the most unpleasant work. They are modest, but know their own value, silently and quietly doing their business. It is often something very much needed by the others. Virgos always respect reality, so they often provide the sharp criticism of others, logical and reasoned, but intolerant.


They do not know how to walk in someone’s shoes. Anything that does not lie on the surface of things, Virgos consider as nonsense. They are inborn conservators. To the pleasant aspects of life Virgos approach carefully. Life for them is first of all a duty. For parade, they may afford some luxury, but at home when no one sees, there is nothing superfluous. They do not indulge in unrestrained merriment, Virgos are partying according to a system, everything will be planned in advance.


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Business discernment is combined with a sober observation and recording. Many of Virogos are born "with the computer, built in their brain".As a rule, Virgos do not get into debts, They are always able to buy cheap, but good stuff. They are sensitive to criticism, especially if it has not been fully explained. Many Virgos are workaholics. People are often using Virgos’ tendency to sacrifice themselves There are many grumblers, small-minded truth-seekers, and eternal envies among them.


In a professional sense Virgos always feel on the right place. They work properly everywhere, they will always know everything about their business. Careful, diligent, thrifty, if they are leaders, then they are always an example to follow. They are always the first to come at work and the last to leave.Virgos do not like to delegate work to somebody else, they are afraid to do it, because they believe that no one will be able to make it better. Most Virgos are very patient.


They perceive love relationship in a very practical manner. For them, love - is the compatibility and mutual support, and they believe,that the unusual romantic love exists only in the movies.The main thing for Virgo - his (or her) partner must be "a good person".Sex is also not important, because life is difficult, but it is easier to survive together. Their affection to someone is often accompanied by the material gain. In love they require order, fidelity and clarity. They are ready for anything that makes sense and that is paid. In case of a conflict they are ready to divorce, if they consider it reasonable.


Virgo's risks: harsh criticism of who works not the way they do, lack of understanding of others (which makes them a lot of enemies), meanness, dissimulation, many disappointments in people. Lack of happy moments in life is because they do not know how to use them, hence the jealousy. Impact on health: weak intestines and digestive organs. They tend to constipation, colic, dysentery, diarrhea, heartburn, belching, vomiting.


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Inside you are modest and not so proud, your rarely seek chances to be on top, or to hold a position that gives you power.You have a sharp analytical mind, and your eyes are attentive to details. You prefer to observe, analyze and study life from a distance.You are conscientious and conservative, you can be trusted. In your work you'll always be careful, efficient and accurate. Good job is always the subject of your pride. You may lack self-confidence. But you often compensate for this deficiency, honing your skills, gaining experience, knowledge and competence in a particular area. You have "golden hands". Your strength is in the meticulous attention to details, and in a very careful execution. Some would say that you are too meticulous, excessive critic, and paraniod about trifles. You love to organize, to lay out the categories and to put everything into a logical system. Often, when something does not fit into a clear and precise paragraph, you will definitely feel uncomfortable.Lack of organization irritates you. You probably would like to be not that punctual and meticulous - even a tiny piece of that requires a lot of your time.In others or in yourself you always want to focus on the mistakes and shortcomings , wanting to correct and improve everything that can be corrected. You stick to the facts strictly. You are truthful and scrupulously honest in assessing yourself, self-critical, but you often do not value yourself enough.


You can be characterized by meticulous clarity and perhaps fastidiousness regarding diet, hygiene and health. You have very high aesthetic criteria and sensitivity to details. In everyday life you are seriously bothered with something that the others will probably find insignificant: mess, cigarette smoke, etc. Your tastes are simple, not excessive, but refined.Rudeness, tactlessness, vulgarity may deeply offend you. Sometimes it's hard to live with you because of your fastidiousness and sensitivity and your strange rules regarding food and cleanliness.


Though you seem rather reticent and reserved, you like to help. It's in your nature. And you enjoy helping people. You would prefer the role of assisting person to the role of leader. Your care is quiet and sometimes not evident.


You are careful, cautious in your attitude to life, realistic, practical, and not inclined to take risks.Before you act, you will always analyze, sometimes too seriously.Sometimes, it would be useful for you to allow some elements of the game and small mistakes in your life.




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