Sun in Capricorn


Capricorns are rarely satisfied with the present day. They feel that they are going to have a great future.They always want to do something special. Their ambitions are evident, and they are based on reality. At the same time quite often they choose the unusual paths that seem to be a clear roundabout, but finally Capricorn will reach the target first.Their tenacity is amazing, which you will never understand from their appearance. They are fundamental and strong competitors. Having survived one blow of fate, they want to avoid the next, and for this reason they arm themselves with knowledge and patience - and rise from one vertex to another. Soon they will find themselves on the top, but very often alone. Therefore they feel sorry for themselves, loudly complaining, but this loneliness can not get them back. Obstacles on the way of Capricorn will not only be passed, but destroyed. This sign of Zodiac is very diligent, always ready to learn, accept criticism, always tries to recycle it and extract the necessary conclusions.


They have a great intuition, which is used in their struggle for independence and economic security.They consider mind and intelligence to be the most important tools in life. They believe in themselves, they are careful, modest, frugal, including the expression of feelings. They do their best to keep their nerves safe, which can not be stated about their stomach, as they like to have a lot of delicious food. Capricorns usually try to avoid the unnecessary disputes, they value their time, because it is never enough, and Capricorns have a lot of things to do. Honest and accurate, they seldom change their views. Childhood experiences determine their whole way. They are persistent in achieving goals. They think clearly, but often do not have enough sense of humor,being too serious. If they are teased, they may become suspicious. They can not tolerate dishonesty, omissions and obscurities.Outwardly Capricorns are stern, but in fact they are very soft inside, sensitive, sentimental people.


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Capricorns are always ready to face difficulties, challenges. They are not afraid of work, can work basically anywhere.They are usually not seen or heard, they are quietly and silently performing their job, but if someone is trying to destroy their business, this person will have to face a real Capricorn. People born under this sign will immediately analyze and understand everything, find an unexpected exit from the usual situation, a new idea that will save everything. No one can take their achievements away from Capricorns, only a disease, but even in this case Capricorn is able to quickly restore his strength. Minions of fortune do not like them because they are very observant and love to criticize. With the lazy people, demagogues and braggarts Capricorn may be quite cold and arrogant.As a rule, they do not envy, but they want others to highly appreciate them. They are very fond of money, as they were born under the sign of longevity and old age. Many Capricorns are afraid to be unsecured.As a child gets sick quite often, but can expect a long life. The state of Capricorn will always be well-guarded, they are usually quite suspicious. You can only fool them once or twice, in their early life, but then it is not going to happen again.


In love Capricorns are too sober and practical. Feelings should not interfere with the life, if necessary, they will be suppressed and with such a force that it may seem as if it is a completely different person. Experience of passion and selfless love comes quickly or never, after this Capricorn remains critical and clear, all the emotions will be hidden deeply inside, but they do exist, and they are very strong.Marriages of Capricorns are usually very stable, these people are ready to forgive many things to their partner, but often are suspicious.If Capricorn finds a suitable partner, his marriage will be immutable. For a woman Capricorn her children and their well-being will always be on the first place, for a man Capricorn - his work. The first place is always given to a duty. Children of a Capricorn will be brought up seriously, on the reliable traditions.


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Capricorn's risks are: selfishness, stubbornness, obstinacy, tendency to isolation, weak constitution. Capricorns are often prone to the diseases of digestive system, intestines, to colds, poor nutrition, constipation, and melancholy.


You are a serious, disciplined and reasonably ambitious person. You want to prove that you really have what you represent.You have a strong desire to achieve the material success. The most important things for you are: your job and your place in the society.To succeed, to achieve your goal, you will overcome all the difficulties and frustrations with the tenacity and you will often have to sacrifice a lot in terms of personal relationships and family life.


With a thoughtful, quiet, calm and reserved nature, you are reluctant to show what you feel deeply in your heart. You make an impression of a person that is able to control events.Excellent hard worker, strong personality, on your shoulders rests the greatest responsibility in the family or at work (and most of the work).Even as a child, you already have the maturity, soberness, and worldly wisdom that are in general, not usual for children.


Basically you are a pragmatist and a realist. And though you might have all kinds of brave dreams, unreachable goals, and the brightest ideals, still the final justification of the concept - by your opinion - is it's practical usefulness. You have a natural cunning and business skills, and a certain amount of cynicism.


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You always think clearly, you are independent in your opinions and objective in your judgments. The dramatic details on the level of senses are not able to divert you from the essence of a question. Very often you appear as a powerful person, exceptionally fair, but still ruthless.Traditions are extremely important for you, and even if you do not agree with some of the laws, you will obey them, or will work to change them, but never allow yourself to neglect them like a criminal.Cautious and reserved, in any game you will play in accordance to the rules.


You are calm, quiet person, an advocate of the thoughtful actions. You do not prone to the sudden, reckless actions, you are not too talkative. It is not easy to penetrate into your soul. You are modest and sometimes overly self-critical. You will not easily afford yourself (and people which life confronts you with) to surrender to the will of senses, to take the game, to do whatever you like. You can not mindlessly enjoy, you can not be weak and vulnerable.


The strongest features of your character are the depth, accuracy, patience, tenacity,and fidelity to the undertaken commitments. Your weaknesses are tendency to conservatism, inflexibility and over-seriousness.




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