Sun in Cancer


Those with the Sun in Cancers are both mobile and permanent. Your problems is in understanding of the need for movement, but the in the same time - the reluctance to part with the tried and tested traditions. Hence, the typical movement of Cancer - one step forward, two steps back. They are directed inward. their first need is to get inside and put everything in order, and only after that they can go outside. They need protection. Pushing and stressing them from outside does not help, since they have mastered the art of passive resistance.


People with Sun in Cancer always create some distance between themselves and the others, due to the feelings of internal shyness.They are disclosed only to the one they know very well, and to the one they feel confident with. They are very vulnerable. Internally, they are ready for the big sacrifices for the one who is trusted.


But they are contradictory: conservative and progressive at the same time, friendly and keeping a distance. They have a better understanding of historical issues and things of the days gone, than of the everyday life with its ever-changing fashion - it is too controversial. Therefore, their actions often seem illogical, strongly dependent on the mood. Cancers are really the people of mood and they are very impressionable, and condemning. Having a perfect intuition, they understand everyone without words.


By nature, they are people of peace, unless someone hurts their feelings.They have an exceptional memory, although they may confuse the dates and names, but the important memories of the basic attitudes and actions are never blotted out from their memory.Cancers have highly developed intuition. They love music, they are sentimental over almost nothing, and may cry without a reason, but on the really tragic events they visibly do not manifest themselves.


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In everyday life they are petty, little things are very important for them. Cancers judge sharply the shortcomings of others, but if others recognize this, Cancers may melt. They love affection, but they are not overly soft.They have strong relationships with the family.

Being very touchy, they are afraid that someone will make fun of them. Rarely put the money in some unreasonable projects, do not like to risk, so people feel quite confided with Cancer. They are friendly and diplomatic, if not offended. You can only control them in an amicable way. They do not like other people's advices. They are afraid of responsibility, but the important work will be done accurately, safely, punctually and successfully.


The professional path is uneven, they have career ups and downs. Cancers prefer occupations that require insight and assistance(art, various types of social care - nurses, health visitor, insurance, education of children, charity). They can pretend to be someone else (actors), they have a strong sense of justice (good arbitrators). They love to take care of children without spoiling them, even sometimes they can externally seem quite harsh.


Cancers are homebodies, although they love trips, but are always striving to return home as soon as possible. However if for some reason it is impossible - they settle in a foreign country and feel at home.


In love they are susceptible to beauty and sex, but senses are the most important to Cancer.If you do not have feelings, then the long-term alliance will not work.Cancer are quite passive. They prefer to be won, than to be a winner.


Family is everything for them, home for Cancers is their castle, they may even become household tyrants. Cancer outside of home may seem meek and mild, but this person transforms in the house. The house will be set up according to Cancers’ preferences and daily life of the family will also be set by this sign. But this house tyranny is often discovered only after many years of life together. To the partner Cancer is very demanding: Cancer is looking for loyalty, equality, mobility, and modesty. Something about Cancer's relationship can not be told to someone - not even to the closest friends, careless word may ruin the relationships with this person.


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Cancer's dangers arise from the vulnerability, resentment, self re-evaluation.If others do not recognize such person, Cancer feels hurt and abandoned, the pride is suffering. Cancer has a tendency to exaggerate the sufferings that fell on the shoulders. They become cruel, if disappointed in the partner, and from the cruelty they suffer most.
Most Cancers have a weak constitution. They have a frequent digestive disorders and diseases of the digestive organs.


You have a strong emotional attachment to the past, to your family, to your childhood, to the places that are connected with your sense of security, where there is no need to worry about tomorrow. It is very important for you to keep in touch with your family and cultural past, to strengthen the family foundations. You differ with your devotion, affection, sentimentality, responsibility for everything that is dear to you – if it is a person, a thing or some familiar places.


You are a good teacher; you treat people with compassion, always ready to help them both materially and spiritually. You like being needed, especially for those who you love.You are attached to the house where you live, you need to feel understood and accepted. You are more concerned about people and their feelings than about the power, career or position in society. Compassion, caring, and tenderness make you more impressed, than any worldly honors.


Generally you are a person of emotions. Your views are more likely defined by your personal feelings and subjective experience, rather than by reason, logic and abstract principles. You find it hard to judge situations fairly and objectively, because your judgment is usually woven into a field of personal sympathy and affection. You take life very personally and sometimes you build a wall around yourself to be protected from the painful contact, or from the possibility of being rejected by someone. Deep in your heart you are shy and vulnerable, you tend to mood changes, emotional ups and downs are obvious.In your life, you need time and a place to return to yourself, to think about things, to dream and to "recharge". Otherwise, you may become irritable and unhappy with people around you.


You act instinctively, without referring to the mind. You like to be completely into the creativity, where you can express your feelings and imagination. You love to cook - and here your creativity is also manifested. You have natural ability to educate, to care. You'll also enjoy the music, because it appeals to feelings that are difficult or impossible to convey in words.


Your strongest qualities are the compassion, acuteness of the senses and you wonderful imagination. Your weakness is the inability to escape from the past and go forward. Sometimes you are full of prejudices and tend to indulge in self-pity when life pushes you into trouble.




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