Sun in Sagittarius


Those with Sun in Sagittarius are filled with a sense of responsibility for society and for themselves. They love to get into the new areas of knowledge, to travel, they have an abstract thinking. Mostly they tend to idealism, and, as a rule, they are fair, honest and generous.

Externally, this people are very courteous, friendly, love to patronize. They know how to listen, love to meet the desires of other people, love and know how to educate, how to serve as an example.Being very self-confident, their pride should not be hurt, it angers them. They need to learn patience, because they pretty often lose self-control, but normally Sagittarius have enough sense of humor to notice it in time and give their behavior some friendly expression. They love to give advice. They are able to find a common language with any person, from the janitor to the minister. They may seem naive and too frank, but they will not let themselves be deceived. They always have a goal, which they pursue with ambition, going to the top, and they can manage this goal pretty well.


They care for the others in a fatherly way, but they need to be respected (if they do not meet enough respect, they will take it a couple of times with a laughter - to warn, but then may get really angry and demanding). Sagittarius always remember the good things someone ever done to them, they are loyal to those who helped them once, tolerant, easy forgiving to the mistakes of others, generous.Many Sagittarius are interested in religion, literature, and new forms of art.


They are inborn leaders. They do not forget the pleasant sides of life. They like booze, they drink and eat without worrying about the shape and health, but they can also become an example of austerity. Sagittarius are generally characterized by a desire to be an example for others, they like excellence and they want to "build" others.


manager director

They have a strong desire to learn more about the world around them, to understand the links in it,. If the information is not processed, it will immediately pass on. At work they can not be ignored, they must have their own area of work, where they can make decisions and take responsibility for them. They can successfully represent, organize, and balance. Their profession should always provide opportunities for growth, for a good career, then they will try their best.

Sagittarius never overuse their position. They are good managers. They are able to understand not only public interests, but also problems. They are good performers, judges, educators, teachers, religious leaders and preachers.


They like to have their work evaluated right. Often they dream of a different, beautiful country, where they would like to work. If there is something interesting and important for Sagittarius, they may even work for free. This sign is able to support the one, who is broken and restore the faith in life of this person.


love hand two

Their love is hot, but restrained. To find themselves a partner, Sagittarius are choosing and ranging for a long time have a lot of adventures, but when the loved one is chosen, they highly carry the flag of union. If they meet a new partner, they immediately confess it, because they can not hide anything for long. They do not want to share their partner with anyone else, they try to work together, to travel, to argue. Many unions of Sagittarius are not getting broken, even if love has died, because from the loving union there grows friendship, mutual support, patronage. But if you insulted their vanity, their love ends. Sagittarius can not tolerate any criticism from the partner. In any other situation they are affable, generous, and tolerant to the little weaknesses. Children normally adore Sagittarius and feel very good beside them, because Sagittarius are an example for them.


Sagittarius' risks are : vanity, which may often stupefy, sensitivity to criticism (may flare up), the passion to excesses - revelry, drunkenness, gluttony, every Sagittarius is prone to something abovementioned, Sagittarius know no boundaries, delusions of grandeur, boasting, often promise more than they can really do. Can make a fortune, but also can spend it in one day. Overeating, excessive alcohol consumption can cause degenerative disc disease, arthritis, rheumatism, salt deposits, lesions of the lumbosacral spine. Also all kinds of wounds are possible, cuts, sprains of a hip - during exercises, pulmonary disease, liver and nervous system disorders. In general, Sagittarius have a strong constitution and resistance, but their weak points are: blood and nervous system.


Deep in your heart you are a gambler and an adventurer, you like risk, you enjoy and explore new worlds. Choose the road on which no one walked in preference to the safe and reliable roads.You have an independent, restless nature, the desire for freedom. You want a lifestyle where you can travel, be in motion.You need changes and opportunities to meet new people, the prospects of expanding your horizons.


You hate constancy and routine. You are quite sure of your future, but no one must deprive you from the liberty of action. Life for you is a travel, adventure. You find it difficult to decide on what to focus your attention and effort. Before you make a choice, you probably traveled through the world, have tried all kinds of roads. Or you could jump from one big topic to another - this is also a characteristic of your nature. As soon as you realized that you are quite able to solve this or another problem, it is no longer of your interest.Ability to deal with anything until the end, self-discipline, ability to concentrate on anything - these are not the most powerful features of your character.You can be irresponsible, you do not hurry to assume the burden and limitations of an adult life.


woman dream

An incorrigible optimist, you dream of something great, hoping for the future.Usually you pursue some distant goal, you have a large supply of faith and a brave confidence that life will take care of you. Failures can not crush your spirit. Like a rubber ball, you jump away from the disappointments, often with a different big dream or project in mind. You have a sporting attitude to life, and you think of your mistakes in a philosophical way. You have the ability to anticipate the direction in which the future will be developing. You can see the real meaning of events, without drowning in the details. You like to theorize, to reflect, however, you will not bother to concentrate on all the details to implement the theory into practice.


You are manifesting yourself openly, directly, and even too straight. Sometimes you can be brash and tactless. Because you do not perceive yourself as a person too seriously, it is quite possible that you often do not understand how your direct statements may wound more sensitive souls.In fact, your unconscious insensitivity and lack of understanding of other's feelings are the worst of your shortcomings.


No doubt, you will get a great pleasure from the friendship and companionship, but you'll always need freedom.So you do not get along with those who like to dominate, those, who do not take others in the account, those who can not keep the distance. You will not have a long term relationships with partners who are too demanding in terms of attention.You are generous. With all your heart you hate meanness in people. Person with whom you want to spend most of your time will be only the one who shares your ideas, your appetite for life and who will have a good sense of humor.




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