Sun in Leo


If the Sun in the horoscope of a person is in Leo that person is the embodiment of self-consciousness. Leos are always on the throne, even if they are working as shoemakers. They always feel like they are the center of attention, even if in fact they are not. Even the most timid of them believe that they make the great impression. They are proud, strong and calm, even if they feel uncertain about something.


Leos always require a lot of attention, everyone should listen to them.They like to be honored and sometimes they simply buy that honor by the rich feast. They are always generous, but never forget themselves. It looks like they do everything independently. The self-confidence of Leo is mesmerizing surroundings. There should always be someone who worships them, otherwise they will develop a sense of uselessness and even become cruel (although it would not be shown).


Most Leos show an extraordinary ingenuity, strength, determination, organizational talents, love for freedom, the everlasting desire for independence. Leos do not like any ties, it is better not to try - there will be a lot of noise, Leos are able to listen and to do something only by their own will.Their love for freedom knows no boundaries.It is natural for them to be arrogant. Routine duties seem too insignificant for them. They are willing to be responsible for their actions, Leos are able to take responsibility and give orders. They are generous and protective. Most Leos overestimate themselves, they are the embodiment of the extraordinary authority, they are able to make an impression, their words and gestures are never small, it is difficult to argue with them, they are always right. Pride often prevents Leos from changing their opinion even if it's a false one. Leos may finally change it, but only by their own will, not because somebody told so.


head director man

They are brave and love to enjoy life. They do not like to work, but their laziness is majestic. Their pride is pronounced, they may forgive resentment, but they will never forget. Can not tolerate criticism, but have a sense of humor. In life, Leos are always trying to occupy a high position, at least once.Leos prefer those professions, where they can manage (Leo has an organizational talent and knows how to make people work).Work related to accuracy is not for them, or they must necessarily have an adjutant. At the business meetings Leos are magnanimous and generous. They are easily subordinated in small things.


With their subordinates Leos are generous, they are usually easy to move in their career. They never bow before the authorities, keeping themselves on an equal footing, and even making clear that they are above.They are ambitious, although it is not connected with the work done, but with the position. They like to be on public, they like to shine and do it better than others. No one can take "Place in the Sun" away from Leo, no one can keep Leo in the cage, because at the first opportunity Leos will attack those, who put them in prison.


Leos should not be given really big powers, as they will use them fully. They love to make decisions and do not feel sorry for what they've done. Their weakness is the terms of punctuality, Leos consider it a disgrace - to run like clock, like some technical tool. They have many enemies. They like to force others to wait for them.


Leos fall in love quickly, quickly move from words to deeds, caring passionately. Leos do not like people, who do not surrender immediately, because it will make Leo's pride suffer. Even in a great passion Leos preserve their self-esteem.They are very sensitive in love, food, drinks, beauty, and luster. Leo's partner has to be beautiful in appearance. In marriage Leo will require the unquestioning obedience, but Leo does not differ with loyalty: family is family, and hunting is hunting.But it will be a huge deal if another "predator" will penetrate into the Leo's family! Leos usually do not spoil their children much.


Leos risks are: revaluation of themselves, a sense of offended dignity, seeing the enemy in time, vanity, flatterering, living at the expense, hedonism, ambitiousness, intolerance, arrogance, pride. Also Leos are too trusting.


heart issues

Though they have a strong constitution and are resistant to diseases, Leos are prone to heart issues.Often these diseases and blood disorders are the result of excesses and have a very negative impact on the pharynx and the excretory system.


You are proud and highly individualistic person. You strive to be an outstanding personality, to fully express yourself, to gain recognition and appreciation of what you are doing. You can not bear the thought of being in the last row, performing other people's orders, or just being an ordinary employee.You need to leave the print of your personality on everything you do in life, to shine, to express yourself creatively and always be on the "captain's bridge".


You dream big, and never lack of determination, firmness of character, energy and enthusiasm for the great ideas. Also, you have a noble, romantic heart and a love for everything dramatic, bright and extravagant.


You fully agree that the world - is a scene, and secretly (or perhaps not so secretly) you want to be an outstanding actor and protagonist of the play. You need the adoration of the audience and applause, even if the audience consists of only one but dear for you person, who believes in you and your dreams. While outwardly you radiate with confidence, in fact, you mostly depend on the support, love and acceptance of people. It is unbearable for you, if you are not noticed or appreciated.


love people two

In love, you are "a generous heart" and you are not afraid to show your loved one how much you care. You appreciate the magic of love and know how to keep the heat in your relationships.Leos are faithful people, You'll protect those you love, and stand behind them like a mountain - if they do not offend your pride and do not betray your trust. In dealing with people you enjoy the role of a strongest person and it is very hard for you to let someone else lead. Ideally, you need to find someone with the same strong will, but this person must not try to stand over you or be your opponent.


Strong side of your personality is your keen interest and love for life. These are your creative energy, hot and generous heart. A major drawback is that you are self-centered. Being too busy with the impression you make, your own creative expression, you forget about the existence of others and about the large world that does not actually revolve around your person.




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