Sun in Taurus


It has a meaning of the possession of material goods.Motto: possession and practicality.Taurus tends to the spiritual truth, seeking to acquire the material goods. This sign appreciates pleasure, comfort, emotional, and physical security. Food should be nice, there should be a good wine, a lovely woman - a beautiful and elegant (and beloved man, too), and the art should be beautiful. There is no shame to pay money for it. In general, life should be enjoyable, beautiful and reliable. So Taurus is trying to be pleasant and polite. Thanks to Taurus’ special charms, the one seems to be natural and makes a good impression.


But this is only an appearance. Deeply in the heart Taurus is often quite skeptical with people, and needs guarantees in life. Inside they have a fuse, and if their safety and comfort is somehow threatened, they burn out like light bulbs. It is almost impossible to drive them mad - they have very strong nerves and a good sense of humor, they often laugh at themselves.But do not try to touch the inner core - they come into a rage like bulls. Their anger is terrible, there will be no indulgence – if the anger was collected for a long time and finally broke through, now it will not stop. Actually, to annoy the Taurus, one must make a lot of efforts. In fact, Taurus are patient, especially when they are moving to the target. Taurus is reaches the goals slowly, but steady, although such person does not put them very high. Taurus is somewhat greedy, but on the occasion may go for some waste. Still Taurus will not let anyone take too much. In politics they do not like any radical changes, they discard infeasible plans as dreams and charlatanism. They appreciate traditions and conservatism, as well as the practical sense. Some may consider this as obstinacy, and others - as being faithful to the ideals. Their word is not at variance with their deeds, in any affairs Taurus are characterized with the order, cleanliness, discipline, knowledge and a sense of duty. They never complain, they are ready to bear any burden, but they expect the same from the others.


man paint art

They do not like changing jobs. They always work carefully and, of course, for a good salary, so they can become authoritative and enjoy their life. Taurus will take up the hard work, from which the others refused. They may have different professions, many of which are associated with art and everything that makes life beautiful, pleasant and convenient.

Taurus prefer the real love, with all its joy. They rarely write letters, preferring to hug their loved one tighter, to perceive him (or her) by all their senses. They like clean and neat relationships, harmony begins with the appearance. They would not like the unshaven partner or a partner in the curlers. The main things for Taurus are a joy, pleasure, and a partner must be accessible. Taurus do not need any princes and fairies. They are getting married, as a rule, foreknowing the advantages and disadvantages of their partner. Taurus is jealous, but can keep it in secret for a very long time. If Taurus can not stand it anymore and explodes, then do not wait for reconciliation. Children are raised according to the traditions, and the example to follow is their own home.


Risks for Taurus: their tenacity may turn into stubbornness and inability to understand the others.Long doubt can lead to the loss of chances, because the absolute reliability is hard to find. It is bad when they can not calm their anger, because sometimes it makes them completely lose control. Taurus can not stand when the others laugh at them. They can answer with fighting for the annoying joke, and then do not expect anything good to happen.


You are patient, capable of tremendous devotion, dedication, patience and persistence. One of the greatest strengths of yours - the ability to be consistent and do not back down until everything is finished. Having definined the plan of your actions, you persistently follow it - up to the moment of achieving the goal, and stubbornly resist any attempts to turn you off the track.


You are practical by nature, you need to see concise, tangible results of your efforts. You are not the one of those who indulge in too bold dreams, realization of which is small. Most of your "too bold" conceptions are connected with the material achievements, with the well-being, with the means for the future, and in general for a rainy day. You appreciate the material world and want to enjoy it fully.Along with the willingness to work long and hard, you also have a strongly developed sensuality, love of comfort, and a desire to use the things on which you were earning so hard.It may seem strange, but sometimes you can fall in the extreme laziness, carried away too far with all sorts of gastronomic delicacies and other earthly pleasures of life. You enjoy the beauty of nature and it is quite possible for you to prefer privacy in a sparsely populated area to the urban lifestyle.


In fact, your needs are simple and it is quite easy to please you. You are rarely going to make changes, unless you are being forced to do so. You are not very demanding emotionally, though you are desperate in need of physical proximity and shared love.

woman harmony nature

Thanks to your dedication, persistence, and emotional characteristic of your soft power, people often look at you and find support. You can not stand any sudden and unexpected changes, but when they occur you remain self-controlled and calm. You also have an inner sense of harmony with nature, with the thought that events are developing and deploying on their own schedule. You have the patience to carefully deal with everything that is associated with a gradual growth - whether it's growing a garden, raising children or working on some creative ideas. You will make a great mother or father, especially if you're more likely to follow your own instincts rather than the advice of some "experts."


You have three major drawbacks. You are stubborn as a bull. You do not like any experiments with your own security, you like the streamlined way of life. You will always stand on the real values and underestimate the importance of everything imaginary or fantastic. In other words, you do not have enough ability to play with ideas and possibilities, the ability to open up a new way.




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