Sun in Gemini


This position means spirituality, the speed of thoughts and actions and the lack of agreements.This position means spirituality, the speed of thoughts and actions and the lack of agreements.They are irritable and moody (like teenagers). They are so lively and quick that may be superficial, so everything they see, has time to recycle. They are very sociable, interested in everything, fast to focus, read a lot and always ready for new experiences, have excellent language skills. They also have oratorical skills, they love to talk, but do not know how to listen. They usually understand only the essence, and the rest goes mostly unnoticed.


They rarely get bored. They simply do not have time for that.They do not like being alone, so they normally have a lot of contacts. It is easy for them to get acquainted with different people. They always have something to say, although their stories are only half true.If they make a mistake, they quickly find the way out. Gemini consider themselves to be indispensable. They can make any society busy, where they appear - the peace ends. When the real problems appear, they immediately become scattered.


Order is not their strongest trait, they are always looking for the things that are constantly disappearing somewhere in the most important moment. They are very good in imitating the others, excellent parodists and they quickly recognize the weaknesses and the funny sides of others and use it in life. They are always up to date. They like to follow the fashion. They love to gossip.But at the same time they are able to support and offer help to those, who got lost in life.They are diligent, but can’t always bring things to the end, as they may be easily carried away by the next interesting idea. Gemini are very fond of traveling, and love to make it all at once - the mountains and the sea, and the woods. They can hardly choose only one destination. They should better choose a profession related to the mediation, to the collection and transferring of various kinds of information, the search for and implementation of various inventions, talents and ideas (both: their own and somebody's). Gemini are usually good translators, commentators, businessmen.


love hand married

They fall in love easily, especially if the partners are serious and mysterious. They easily confess in their love, it does not cost anything for them to say "yes", to quickly get married, often for the sake of the ceremony and honeymoon. And just as quickly they are easily getting divorced. They tend to the affairs on the side, because they are looking for an ideal partner, and because they are very curious.


Loving them is difficult, because they are usually not capable of loving someone seriously, but at the same time, they want to be loved.In marriage they are normally playing an active role, they love to receive visitors and are willingly going for visits. For a better life together, they must have common work of common interests with their partner. Troubles in life may come from their absent-mindedness and superficiality. Confusions with money and high costs cause damages. It is rare for Gemini to have true friends and partners. They must consciously train concentration and learn how to keep their mouth shut. The state of a constant watchful attention does not give them spiritual and physical rest. It is good for Gemini to learn how to discipline themselves, how to respect the conventions, as it is the basement of cooperation with the others. If they learn how to overcome their weaknesses, their wonderful abilities will lead them to their highest goals. With the lack of confidence as a result they have the neurasthenic attitude for diseases. Gemini are disposed to the diseases of lungs, bronchi, respiratory and nervous system.


In many ways, you are an eternal child. Your mind is impressionable, sensitive to every change, flexible, full of curiosity and games.You always strive for everything new and often simply can not hold your attention for any more or less long time.You will quickly grasp the idea, but once the initial curiosity is satisfied, you will just move to something else. You will always need frequent changes, variety, new situations, meeting of new people.


A huge amount of interests prevents you from understanding what your real talents are and what you really need to do. You do not accept the very idea of self-restraint and focusing on one thing. Your curiosity and restlessness throw you into a lot of different situations in life and you want to try everything. Doing the same thing over and over again - for you it is a hard and tedious work (even if you do this thing very well).


You mainly "live by your head": you are reading, watching, thinking, looking for ideas, you can not live without the intellectual stimulus. It may seem strange, but if you had to choose between a good book or movie and a good dinner, most likely you would prefer the first. You have a creative mind, and you often live at the expenses of a sharpness of your intellect.


write book man

Gregarious, sociable person with a need for highly developed collaboration with the other people, you love to joke and play with words.You have a genuine flair and talent to transfer the ideas into the interesting, concise manner - that is the talent of the writer, lecturer, and speaker.

You have pretty light and mischievous sense of humor, but often you do not have enough gravity. While you are desperately in need of emotional responsibility, of emotional impact of yourself, it becomes very difficult to do this. Because often you do not want to take responsibilities, to limit your personal freedom, the ability to move from place to place, from one task to another.


Happiness in your life is associated with the use of your creativity, talent for handling words. Your intelligence is not prone to unilateralism. Usually you can offer a fresh, clear approach, unusual solution, completely new direction of research. You lack of persistence and perseverance. In addition, you tend to overlook or ignore the emotional issues and feelings of others.




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