Sun in Pisces


They possess empathy, flexibility, renunciation. This hypersensitive sign of Zodiac is very responsive to the thoughts of other people. They are always on the verge of reality, ready to get lost, submit to fate. Being eternal dreamers they are asleep even while they are awake. Pisces just want to live their simple lives, but this desire is almost never satisfied, because they are inferior to other promises and commitments. They try to do what is necessary, but their will is usually weak.Most Pisces are so naive that the vital fight for them is a disaster. They always prefer to go into the world of illusions, than to face the reality. Here comes the danger of substituting the real life with tobacco, coffee, alcohol, drugs. A strong need for love can lead to the debauchery, and all this will not help to escape from the life's problems. Pisces may turn to the occultism. Naturally Pisces are very strong mediums, and, starting with yoga, they may end up with the memories of their past lives. Here is the danger to get lost in their feelings, to become a plaything in the hands of strangers, or to go crazy.


Life is easier for Pisces, when they have a strong protector, so they often have a highly developed religious sense - indeed, who can be stronger than God! Also it helps if they wear a mask, hiding underneath their sensitive soul. Here is the danger again, as the mask can increment, become Pisces' "alter-ego".Duality is one of the strongest characteristics of this sign.Their aversion to controversy makes them timid. But if someone overuses their patience, they may become very angry. Pisces are very compassionate. They are able to help, to inspire courage in others. They are so sensitive that often are ready to weep, very soft, they are trying to hide behind the outward austerity, chafe-defense, but in general are always just pretending.They are attracted by the art, and usually have a talent for music, singing, also a lot of Pisces are good actors.Profession should be chosen very carefully, it should be special, to give an output for their artistry. Strict regime and discipline are not suitable for Pisces. They are "free artists" - designers, fashion designers, graphic artists. Also they find themselves in professions that require empathy and compassion.


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Love for them is their fate. In love they are skillful and always want to experience a high feelings. If it fails, Pisces are capable of the selfless highest manifestation of love. They are very trusting.Their feelings are tender and sincere. They don’t mind the shortcomings of their loved ones.They need someone whom they will give all their feelings and all their efforts. If there is no partner, then Pisces will look after children or parents in need of care, if there is none, then they may give home to a cat or a dog. From callousness they may die, for love they can do anything, but then they do not forgive their partner any humiliation. Pisces do not know limitations. Children of Pisces are brought up in love for art and tolerance.


Pisces have a quite weak constitution, a tendency to tuberculosis. Dangers, other than listed above are : trustfulness, compliance, instability, false severity. They need to be more decisive.


By nature you are very gentle, impressionable, sensitive person, and true dreamer. The world of your imagination, feelings and intuition is as real to you, as anything that belongs to the outside world. Perhaps you find it difficult to convey and explain your inner feelings, so that they are understood by the others. You are inclined to mysticism, everything artistic, musical, and emotional.You have a highly developed imagination, a rich inner life, though outwardly you often give the impression of a modest and quiet person. Sometimes you may be quite reserved.


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Thanks to a highly developed sensitivity, you will deeply penetrate into the essence of your relationships with people. Often your first intuitive impression is absolutely confirmed later. You are tolerant, forgiving, do not tend to judge people, accepting them for who they are - with all their shortcomings and mistakes. You are sympathizing to every living creature, and often experience the pain of others as your own. You understand flawed people, losers you have no disgust. You are capable of selfless gift, to live life dedicated to serving people - you will easily go for the role of a doctor, a priest, a healer.


However, you tend to give yourself to people blindly. You are completely indiscriminate, often allowing others to abuse your kindness, allowing losers to be weak and to become your dependents. You have a poorly developed sense of timing, you do not know, when to say "no." Confidence and self-discipline are not your strongest qualities.


You tend to love people and be a peacemaker. You are not a fighter, not a supporter of active operations. You always aim to avoid an open clash. It's easier for you to ignore the difficulties of life, to step back from them hoping them to disappear, rather than to meet them face to face.You have a noticeable lack of inclination to the active control, which is sometimes necessary in order to overcome the difficulties. You do not have any hardness in your character. You are open and somewhat passive person. Your actions are cautious, non-aggressive, and often not obvious.


It is possible that your talents lie in the field of creativity, art, music, because you have highly developed sensitivity, inspiration and imagination. You are always touched by the beauty and love you see.


Your weaknesses are in the fact that you are prone to laziness and show too little attention to what is happening to you. You often prefer to enjoy self-pity than to take vigorous action to change the situation for better. You also tend to isolate yourself from the currently existing environment and to live in a state of complete, chaotic mess. But it does not bother you very much.




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