Sun in Scorpio


Scorpio has a very strong character. Always gives an attractive impression,, though often frightening. At the same time revived, and mysterious, is viable, but also full of premonitions of death. Scorpios tend to self-improvement. Struggling for life with passion, this struggle is harsh and does not pass in vain for Scorpio's health (especially nerves). Scorpio is trong and holds up to the end. Despise any weaknesses, but can be generous and compassionate.Strong personality, passionate, unequivocal, that makes life with him (or her) exciting and challenging at the same time.Partners suffer, but there is no relief from this experience, they all overflow at the heart. Everything is done with an enthusiasm. Scorpios emphasize their uniqueness, not willing to put themselves on the same level with others. The comparison with someone for Scorpios is offensive, so it is difficult to communicate with them. They are often disposed aggressively. They love to dig in their souls and feelings, which may develop extraordinary creative abilities. When they are interested in something, they do not save themselves, Scorpios spend their strength like no other sign.


Even if outwardly Scorpio may appear calm, his nights are often sleepless, in spite of the tedious days. Sleeping pills will not help here, as it is the effect of the internal stress.They know that everything has an end, and they do their best to resist.If someone in their presence is taking life easily, they are losing patience. Continuous fun can make them sick. The reaction there may be an abrupt. Their language – is rude and angry. Scorpios are able to hurt quickly and deeply, almost rudely they defend their opinions. They may either be admired, or totally not accepted. With their enemies Scorpios are cruel, ruthless, and they do not expect mercy in return. They are capable of deceit, may go for any risk. They can enjoy the amazing energy, especially if they are in a difficult situation. Scorpiod do not let anyone to look into their souls, always being controversial, thrilled, strained. If unable to find an appropriate partner, torn to pieces, but then find creative interests and harmony that previously seemed unthinkable.


surgeon profession work

At work, people should use their energy and courage, Scorpios are not afraid to do something that others will be scared of, so many of them are (for example) very good surgeons.They are interested in the mysteries - from the mysteries of the universe to the mysteries of the underworld (can be scientists, involved in the basic science, detectives, spies, and various researchers). They need a job that requires all their power. They are brave. They should be used where the skillful fighting is needed, as well as magnetism and passion that could save the stagnant deal or negotiation. But most likely they will not cope with the positions where decency is needed.


Scorpios are passionate lovers. Their unions are strong and inseparable, and the marriage certificate does not matter.If they leave, it means that nothing can save this union anymore. But if saying "yes", Scorpio will stand everything: diseases, storms and frustration.But Scorpio can never forgive betrayal. They can be despotic, capable of gross abuse, arguments, and then usually followed by a passionate, erotic reconciliation. A quiet life with them should not be expected. Scorpios do not know limits in their fun and excitement. They are very jealous. Children are forced to be independent from the early childhood.


attention man

Scorpio's risks: passion for quarrels, temper, violence, unwillingness to consider others, opposing themselves to everyone and overvaluation of themselves. They do not know limits in anything. Their material and physical strength is spent generously. They do not know the self-restraint, which they definitely need to learn, otherwise their life will be on the brink of a precipice. Possible diseases are : hemorrhoids, fractures, fistula, sexually transmitted diseases, infectious diseases, diseases of the heart and throat, often alcoholism.


You are calm, deep in your feelings. Your complex emotional nature is closed. You cherish the opportunity to be yourself. You are not an easy-going person, it is quite difficult to understand you. Being sensitive to everything, you still do not tend to show it, allowing only a chosen people into your inner world. Like a cautious animal, you are suspicious and distrustful of those who you do not know, until they are "sniffed". You have highly developed instincts and intuition. You usually react strongly on the actions of people, who are quite close to you, although you may not be able to clearly explain why would you do one way and not another.Mostly your emotions and feelings are deeper than words.


love rain two

You have a strong emotional soul. You give yourself intensely to love and affection.You have a well developed sense of ownership for those who are close to you, and you are often quite jealous and cautious with those whom you see to be an opponent. You are afraid that they may affect your relationships with your loved ones.When you give yourself to someone or something, you give all your heart and you expect an absolute commitment in return. If you have to break off the relationship, then you are going through it very, very painfully, in the rough and deeply emotional way. In these situations, you are not the most pleasant person to meet. If you are offended, you are not inclined to turn the other cheek, but you will pay for the offense or insult as soon as possible. And, of course, you will never forget the wounds inflicted. You often remember the insults for a long time. You are very hard to forgive.


Whatever you do, you manifest passion and zeal, going up to extremes. You either manifest a hot interest or you are just extremely cold. You never fit the definition "not so good, but not so bad". Either you're passionate about something one hundred percent, or something does not exist for you at all. Rarely you are able to be emotionally impartial and objective. There is no doubt that you can become a good fanatic. A strong will, perseverance is often bordering in you with the obsession.


You got the inherent pride, courage, intensity of emotions. You like mysteries, manifesting a deep interest in everything hidden, secret, especially in all dark sides of life.You are never satisfied with the superficial knowledge, always striving to break the shell, to penetrate deeply into the personalities and events in order to determine what's really going on.You are more prone to cynicism than idealism.




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