Moon in Capricorn


Emotions are gone to the background. Now here comes the time for a sense of duty and responsibility. In those days in all our actions, we take in the account only the considerations of expediency and we strongly reject any fleeting desires and whims. For example, coming into the store in the days of Capricorn, we will not in any way get seduced by a beautiful trinket or an extra portion of ice cream. We will buy only what we urgently need at the moment - say, a loaf of bread and a packet of washing powder. We will most likely pass the counter with cosmetics and perfumes without much interest, unless we urgently need a piece of soap or a toothpaste.

During these days, people may become indifferent and even cruel to each other, because the capacity for empathy and sensitivity to the troubles and problems of the others is significantly reduced.

However, the same can be bravely stated not only about the strangers's emotions but also about our own. In the days of Capricorn, we are not inclined to have much mercy not only to the others but also to ourselves.

At this time we are much more obeying to the logical mind. And so it is best to engage in some professional activities, that are not related to art and creativity, and require accuracy, precision and strict adherence to the duty. It is useful in this days to bring things in order in your workplace, to put everything on the right shelves, to arrange all your belongings and categorize them.


Born with the Moon in Capricorn


Here the moon is in the Earthly sign - it is a guest of the Saturn - Capricorn's ruler. A person with the moon in Capricorn in any situation will perceive only those aspects of it, that will lead him to his desired goal. Any situation unconsciously, will be considered in relation to it's purpose. The perception of such a person will be very well concentrated. The development of the unconscious processes, the inner world in such a person will go pretty hard, so the Lunar Capricorns are generating their emotional reactions quite late, comparing to the other signs.

Such a person unconsciously do not want to exercise his spiritual, inner states, he is sometimes almost ashamed, that he is feeling bad or upset, and he do not wish the others to notice. This is happening because the moon is visiting Saturn, which is limiting the expression of anything, all emotional events will remain inside. Therefore, the external impression of the Lunar Capricorn is contradicting to his moods - people often think, that he is insensitive and even rude, although internally he may be very vulnerable. He does not disclose his subconscious, it is compressed and some sort of limited.

The suffering of these people are usually not noticed by anyone, because they are deeply hidden. The Lunar Capricorns often may create a set of artificial problems that are sometimes completely unrelated to the outside world. And, because they consider any situation from the perspective of their goal, then anything that does not contribute to this achievement, will most likely be discarded. This can be called a domestic austerity, when everything superfluous is dropped, and a person is focuses only on a specific program of actions. That's why most of the Lunar Capricorns have such a strong will and determination. The moon in Capricorn was in the natal charts of Caesar, Khomeini, Lenin.




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