Moon in Pisces


Moon in Pisces makes us romantic and dreamy. The intuition is sharpened, there may appear some mystical moods. When the moon is in Pisces, we may easily believe in everything miraculous, mysterious, incomprehensible. The religious feelings may also easily increase in this time. It is much easier than usual to understand the hidden nature of events, things and even people. We become more gentle, affectionate, even sentimental. We can easily burst into tears and get emotional over the pitiful book or film. In the days of Pisces we are looking for the communication with our loved ones, we tend to tell them the good, kind words more often, than usual.
In the days of Pisces we are much more tuned to deeply perceive poetry, music, every other work of art. Our souls need the new aesthetic experiences. It is therefore advisable to visit the exhibition, museum, theater or just to sit with a small book of poems or watch your favorite movie. But keep in mind that the purely entertaining art will not work for these days. Our souls want to empathize, to experience the most deep and refined feelings. So in the days of Pisces there is a right time for the serious art that can leave a deep mark in your heart. Now the position of moon in the Zodiac can be your reliable guide in the world of emotions, motives and intentions.


Born with the Moon in Pisces


This seems to be the best position of the moon in the natal chart. The moon is in the Water sign, visiting Neptune and Jupiter. In general, the moon, standing in the sign of Water, gives to the owner of a chart very strong intuition, but exactly in Pisces it gives only a superficial insight, which is associated with the perception of things, that are manifested only on the surface. Neptune gives an intuitive grasp of the things, that are deeply hidden, to the secret processes, it gives the feeling of a universal harmony, perfection. Therefore, a person with moon in Pisces will be tuned on the perception of everything deep, hidden, secret, he will have a very rich inner world with the very deep feelings. Such a person will try to hide the depth of his inner world from the others, in some cases Lunar Pisces may be too sentimental. This kind of a person will grasp the hidden meanings of things, will have a very good sense of rhythm (because Neptune shows a sense of rhythm and musical harmony). A person with moon in Pisces will have an excellent musical potential. Lunar Pisces are usually very receptive, they are excellent students in almost any field. Pisces are giving the deep and exact perception of any information, and the person learns by taking everything not superficial, but by feeling the inner harmony, inner essence.

Moon in Pisces can be often seen in the natal charts of occultists and mediums. These people are susceptible to hypnosis. When hypnotized, they often exhibit the mediumistic abilities, although normally this may not be observed. Many of them are becoming alcoholics, drug addicts, fanatics, because Pisces are associated with the feeling of the perfect harmony, and if the person is not finding this harmony, there will most likely be formed the inappropriate environment around him. In this case the Lunar Pisces will seek to compensate for it and replace anything missing with the illusions, delusions (bigotry) or through any chemical substitutes (alcohol, drugs) to create some kind of an artificial state that could become a substitute for this sense of harmony in the world. These people are very suggestible, very attached to someone, especially women. They are often capable of self-sacrifices - this position of the moon is, perhaps, the only position in which a person can sacrifice himself for the others.

With the other Zodiac signs it is somewhat different. Of course, not only Pisces may consciously go for a sacrifice, but also people with another - different - positions of the planets in the signs, even Aries, however, for him it (most likely) will only be an impulse of action, just because Aries is full of energy. Capricorns may sacrifice themselves to achieve their goals, but not in the name of some individual. Note, that here we are talking only about the highest level of manifestation of the moon in Pisces.




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