Moon in Libra


Moon in Libra gives everyone a feeling of peace and harmony. The possibility of conflicts is reducing a lot. We become much better in compromising and finding a common ground with people. Therefore, in the days of Libra it is good to make peace with those, who we have offended. Now it will be much easier to do so as we all can easily forgive and understand each other.

In these days, we pay a lot of attention to the external decency, etiquette rules, and therefore we become sensitive and pleasant to talk to. We do not want to argue with anyone, to hurt anyone. It is easy to agree with someone else's opinion. Our mood is stable.

However, the moon in Libra gives some indecisiveness and a tendency to fluctuations. In these days it is difficult to make an important decision, difficult to make a choice. Therefore, it is better to leave the important decisions until the better times. Dedicate the days of Libra to settling up the relations, to the search for joint solutions, to conversations and meetings that require some diplomatic skills.


Born with the Moon in Libra


Libra is an Air sign, managed by Venus and Chiron. Thus, the moon is on a visit at Venus's and Chiron's house. Moon in Libra gives an unconscious attraction to the balance, because, as you remember, one of the Libra's properties is setting the equilibrium point - in any situation, we must find an equilibrium position, balancing different forces.

Here we see the moon, that is manifesting the unconscious processes of setting up a person to the balance, harmony, beauty, grace and justice. Such a person will differ with his peacefulness and a tendency to compromises. At any cost he would seek to avoid quarrels and conflicts or any sharp corners. Moon in Libra gives the sub conscious diplomatic skills, a good taste, but also gives some refinement, sophistication, mannerisms, and in the worst case - snobbery.

Moon in Libra also makes person to prefer a refined society, beautiful things, works of art. Here are working: Venus, which is suggesting harmony and refined forms, Chiron, which shows the possibility of the subtle world reflection and it's embodiment and Saturn, a very strong planet, that is also related with the sign of Libra and it's formation. If Saturn is in Libra, it is giving a certain "system" to this sign. Such a person will unconsciously have his life very well organized. This is a definite aesthetic system: everything should have it's own place in life, there should be combined both: "the high" and "the low" elements, everything must be in harmony and in the right proportions. And from such disposition comes: love for the works of art, for refined society, for apartments and houses with a beautiful interior (and a beautiful environment in general). Because in order to maintain the normal psychological condition of a person, his environment must be harmonious and beautiful. Without it the Lunar Libra will feel uncomfortable.




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