Moon in Cancer


In the days of Cancer people are very sensitive and it is easy to offend them. We all become some sort of introverts, we dive down to our inner world. Our inner experiences become more important than the events of the outside world. The moods become volatile, characters - unstable. Stability in the behavior disappears. In the days of Cancer, we can easily be driven by the effects of our internal unconscious impulses, and therefore sometimes we may commit inappropriate actions. For example, in the days of Cancer we will not hesitate to go for the unreasonable risk or sacrifices.
During this period, it is better not to take any serious decisions and not to make any hasty actions. It is necessary to ensure a cozy, comfortable environment. Therefore, the best occupation for the day of Cancer is building of a comfort in the house. This activity does not prevent us from sinking into our inner world, which is bright and colorful.


Born with the Moon in Cancer


Here is the true place of the moon, it's abode, moon is at home. Think of it at the level of an image: how do you feel at home. So is the moon - the master of the sign. Therefore, the moon here is manifesting itself fully in all facets. A person with the moon in Cancer is naturally tuned for the perception of unconscious processes. It is a true mental gift - a person feels the other person, feels his subconscious. Such a person is influenced by his inner world, which means, that for him the internal processes and the influence of the inner world are more important than external events. Such a person is always a bit out of the real relationship, and it is not a mental disorder, not an abnormality.

So, for a person with the moon in Cancer his detachment from the outside world and his attraction to the inner world - are the normal state. This person responds to the cosmic rhythms, and, above all, the phases of the moon, like an indicator, and the fractures of the phases is a real crisis for him. Especially during the transition from III to IV quarter. People with moon in Cancer have a high sensitivity in general to all the cosmic rhythms, so they are often unreasonably nervous, although the situation from the perspective of a less sensitive person, does not give to this any cause.

The perception of such a person is very refined, his senses are very deep, his mind is very flexible and changeable, he is very vulnerable. Often such a person goes into a fantasy world, especially if he is hurt too often, and it is very easy to hurt him, if you do not create for him a comfortable environment, he will go deep into his fantasies. He has a rich inner world, where he have got his own palaces, his castles, even some imaginary people.

Cancers in general, and people with the moon in Cancer in particular, are separating themselves from the others - not much people are allowed in this inner kingdom. Such a person is only open to those, who he absolutely trusts, believes that this people will understand and will not hurt him. Any careless word, a gesture that is not seen by others - the one with the moon in Cancer will notice and will immediately shut his "shell". The Lunar Cancers are always protecting their inner world from invasion.

A purely external manifestation of Cancer, and especially when the moon is in Cancer or Cancer is strongly pronounced in the natal chart - is a look inside, which means, that the person is not actually looking at you, he is looking inside himself. Thus, even outwardly is reflected the fact, that the scope of his attention is focused on the perception of his inner world, on those processes, that occur within it, rather than on what is outside.




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