Moon in Aquarius


In the days of Aquarius we want more internal freedom and emancipation. Emotions come alive, they begin to manifest themselves openly and freely. At this point we can not bear the slightest pressure on ourselves. Internal independence - that's what becomes the main value for us.
Now we want to pamper ourselves - buy an extra bottle of perfume or something tasty. And we can easily allow ourselves to do it. We want something new, we can easily commit the unexpected actions of some people, in the days of Aquarius we can expect from the others all sorts of quirks.
The main thing these days - not to indulge in anarchy, not to shock people around, trying to assert yourself in your own eyes and wanting to show everyone your freedom and independence.

In the days of Aquarius all kinds of reforms are working well, all kinds of experiments and the riskiest projects will go smoothly. Successfully will be implemented all kinds of unexpected ideas and innovations. So it is possible to risk - the risk is justified now. Some people may have a good luck in gambling and lotteries. In these days it is better to see as much people as possible, spend time with friends, colleagues and relatives - a quiet time-spending at home will only make you bored and tired.


Born with the Moon in Aquarius


The moon is visiting Uranus and Saturn in the sign of the Air. Therefore, moon in Aquarius gives the perception of everything that is associated with freedom, spiritual growth, the unions of people that are close in spirit, the perception of everything new, strange and unusual. The Lunar Aquarius has an intrinsic need for freedom. Freedom can be interpreted in two ways: "freedom for" - which is a Leo's priority, and "freedom from" - the main idea of Aquarius.

"Freedom" - is independence. A person with his moon in Aquarius does not like to give any commitments, he will most likely avoid situations that would limit his freedom. Any situation where it may appear some limitation, is unpleasant for the Lunar Aquarius, and he is dreaming to arrange his life so, that he could be free from everything. This person does not tolerate any intrusion into his private world. Saturn is always a dedicated opposition.
Moon in Aquarius gives a faithfulness in friendship, but friendship at a distance. Here we must remember that Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn, which is giving one one hand, the selected position ("this is the distance - do not to approach any closer"), and on the other hand, is strengthening the relationships. The connection of spiritual intimacy comes through Uranus, and Saturn gives Lunar Aquarius the strength of that relationship and the distance - simultaneously. In this case, the one with his moon in Aquarius has the impersonal friendly attitude to all people. Such a person can be very paradoxical, here you will see a combination of altruism and self-centeredness. Uranus gives Lunar Aquarius sort of a strange behavior.

As long as Uranus is a planet that gives coups and surprises, the inner world of this person is unstable, he is prone to the sudden changes. Therefore, he often will have a mood swings, and for no apparent reason. Here we will always observe moodiness, eccentric character, and a permanent commitment to everything new, love for inventions.




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