Moon in Sagittarius


After the dark days of Scorpio we are experiencing days of comfort. People are drawn to the order and stability. They are quiet and law abiding. At these days, we would like to receive advice, recommendations, follow the rules, comply with regimes. At this point, we need teachers and patrons. But someone in this time would prefer to teach others, to give his advice.

In the days of Sagittarius there is rising the interest in a public life, we want to take a position in society, to strengthen the ground, to make our lives measured and orderly. These are the best days for a successful teaching experience, we are better educating ourselves and teaching others. The days are favorable for the production of a new knowledge, new skills and transferring knowledge to the others. If you are asked about something in this days (for advice, for example) - respond, advise, help to find the answers, most likely you will be able to do it brilliantly. But if you are not asked - do not interfere with your advice and help. It is always better to ask for one.


Born with the Moon in Sagittarius


Here the moon is in a Fiery sign, visiting Jupiter. Of course, the perception of a person will be unconsciously adjusted to every situations that will be associated with a sense of authority, hierarchy, social relationships. A person with his moon in Sagittarius will feel the finest structures of the social relations, he will be set to a situations where he would be able to accept any traditions or ideologies.

Such a person has an unconscious desire to be an example for the others. These people are very sensitive to the traditions. They are unconsciously set up to the search of authorities and the similar situations, which they could absorb, and then - become the authorities by themselves. Very often these people have the bombast, the need to satisfy their vanity and pride. If they will not find those qualities in themselves, they will be upset and worried, because they would like to have it all. These people at the unconscious level, are very well-versed in the social environment. Moreover, the person has not yet taken a conscious decision, but subconsciously he already feels a strict social structure, he already knows who has the authority, who does not, he can instantly navigate and understand how to behave, in order to be respected.

The Lunar Sagittarius - like an indicator - feels any changes in a social conditions, changes of leaders and authorities. Of course, he is not aware of these things, but by his behavior and by his relationships you can always see it. These people are often becoming the distributors of knowledge, many of them were among the founders of the famous occult and scientific schools.




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