Moon in Virgo


In the days of Virgo people are practical, rational and pedantic. They pick on little things to each other and behind this little things sometimes they miss the point. In this days it is very easy to quarrel because of some nonsense, which is not worth attention. But in the days of Virgo every single detail seems to be very significant.

In the same time moon in Virgo makes us more responsible and disciplined. At this time we are easier to perform those types of work, that are requiring a great accuracy, alertness and concentration. Those cases, where you need to work out all details, before making any decision, will go successfully now. In the days of Virgo we make all measurements very carefully, we do not follow an impulse to do everything quickly, and cut off straight from the shoulder. We are careful and cautious. But this applies only to the small everyday matters. When it comes to making some really important decisions, you can not trust just practicality and rationality, that are ruling everyone in the days of Lunar Virgo. For the global affairs at this time we do not have enough instinct, intuition, ability to foresee all the consequences. So in the days of Virgo it is better not to start any large projects and not to make any risky steps. It is desirable to perform some time-consuming, tedious and monotonous work. It can be done more easy than in the other days.


Born with the Moon in Virgo


Virgo - is the Earthly sign, and it is managed by Mercury and Proserpine. Here the moon is "visiting" Mercury and Proserpine. Therefore, the moon in Virgo gives a person the unconscious love for details. The Lunar Virgo is able to perceive the details very well and understand their significance. It means, that such a person in any situation is able to clearly see the smallest details at a first glance. Therefore, such a person is responding immediately to any minor discrepancies. People with the moon in Virgo are usually a great detectives, investigators, scientists, also they are good in those areas where must be made a lot of painstaking measurements, and where it is required a high degree of accuracy. Lunar Virgos are very good programmers.

Such a person is doing all this as if unconsciously, details are uncovered for him by themselves. Also, this position of moon gives the extraordinary abilities in diagnostics and medicine. Most of the people with moon in Virgo have some sort of a fragmented perception, which means that they are not taking the situation as a whole, but they always work only with the individual parts. At worst, they "do not see the trees behind the forest," and in the best case, precisely through the details the Lunar Virgo is able to feel the whole situation - how it is reflected in every detail. There is a saying in China, "if you catch the tail of the smallest devil, you will know, where the biggest... "
In any case, the Moon in Virgo will provide a picky, pedantic, and unconsciously sober view of things.

Person with his moon in Virgo unconsciously feels, that he is a small detail in this world, a small wheel in a huge machine. He will subconsciously realize that this "little wheel" should work well for the whole vast mechanism to keep going, that every man should be in his place and clearly perform his duties. That is why this kind of person at best, will have a tendency to simply obey.

A person with moon in Virgo does not like to show his inner world, he don't do it easily and in some cases, this kind of people differ with their shyness and stiffness.




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