Moon in Gemini


In this days we are incredibly active. However, in the same time there may be increased suggestibility, susceptibility to various influences. Therefore, there is a danger to follow a fleeting impulse and to go astray and make many mistakes. In these days people are making the unnecessary purchases, spend their time in the useless communication and visiting unnecessary places, then they are unable to understand: "What was it exactly, that brought me there?"

In the days of Gemini we feel the urgent need to communicate, and we want to contact with as much people as possible. Therefore, in these days people are particularly happy to get acquainted with the others. Later it turns out that half of these acquaintances we do not really need.
Emotional sensitivity is growing in the days of Gemini, we react on everything excessively, but these emotions are superficial, it's not likely, that they are more or less serious. We are scattered, it is easy in this days to cling to all things at once, and then as easily leave them unfinished.
In these days it is good to be on the road, take short trips or just walk around the town to meet the need for changing experiences.
The main thing - do not sit still and do not be alone. It is good to go and meet some friends and relatives.


Born with the Moon in Gemini


Gemini is the sign of the Air, ruled by Mercury. People of this sign are subconsciously set up to communicate, contact, receive and impart information. Such a person is a great conductor. What is his first reaction directed to, what affects him in the situation of changes, fluctuating, situation inwardly renewed and unstable? Such a person has a high degree of mental mobility, volatility, fluctuations in his emotional experiences: the slightest change in the situation instantly changes his state. Within an hour, there may be five or six changes of his emotional condition. The Lunar Gemini are tuned to this. These people have a very strong need to change the situations, they are unconsciously addicted to everything new, they are in a constant search for a new information. However, they may not realize what they need, but if you ask them, they will immediately find some rational motivation of their actions and desires. But the true reason for their actions will be the fact, that the Lunar Gemini is configured to search for information, they must have new contacts, acquire and transmit information. At the same time these people have a very strong need for the external action, because the position of the moon turns a person into an excellent conductor, he heard something and he passed it. But then it seems, that he have nothing left for himself, he acquires information only if something or someone is acting.

It should be noted that two people with the Moon in Gemini interact badly with each other, because each one of them expects of the other some effects in obtaining the information. Their expectations are not met. Relationships with people who have their moon in the other signs are just fine.
In the higher manifestations of the moon in Gemini, a person becomes a cosmic conductor, he is performing the perception of space-based information, but it is a rather rare situation.




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