Moon in Taurus


High voltage of the previous days, associated with the passage of the moon through the sign of Aries, is falling. In the days of Taurus people feel safe, secure and peaceful. The ground is no longer escaping from under their feet, everyone is standing firmly on the Earth and feel quite confident. Thoughts are not jumping like crazy in the heads, and the reactions are slowing down. In the days of Taurus, we all are a little bit "unsophisticated browsers". In addition, we are now hard to budge, there is a tendency to stubbornness. We become peaceful, slow and a bit phlegmatic. In these days it is good to deal with the household chores, to solve everyday problems in life - to buy food, make minor changes in the interior of the house, and spend this time devoted to the routine current affairs. But it will be better to wait with the business. It is better not to enter any large deals and not to sign any important contracts. There may be many mistakes due to the slow response and inability to think quickly.


Born with the Moon in Taurus


Taurus is a sign of the Earth element and it is managed by the planet Venus. Therefore, a person, whose moon is in the Taurus zone, will be sensitive to his physical environment and to comfort, will be very responsive to the harmony and disharmony of relations with the outside world. First of all, it's the material world, the emotional relationship with other people, as well as harmony with nature. In life such a person will unconsciously choose and, above all, perceive the situations, which by their nature are quiet, slowly evolving, stable, giving the opportunity to unwind and relax, giving the possibility of some accumulation of comfort. And in any situation, these components will be perceived first.

Every situation is always wider than what we perceive, we are always interacting with only a part of the situation, we always build our relationship with the inner world of the situation, and what we perceive and see in the first place, is determined by the moon in the sign. So it is not necessarily, that a situation that you feel certain, will conduct a similar analysis. In other words, every situation is multi-dimensional, as each person is living according to his own program of perception.

The perception of a person with Moon in Taurus will be somewhat slow, and his emotional reactions will be balanced and stable.
It is believed that the position of the Moon in Taurus is bringing originally a stable healthy psyche, but it's not so simple, because on the one hand, there is the initial strength, on the other hand, if there's a crack, in this case the person is not adapting fast to his new circumstances.

A person with moon in Taurus is developing his unconscious reactions quite slowly, so he is inclined to be patient, he may take a long time before deciding anything. In general, people with moon in Taurus do not like to do something much, because every action requires a splash of energy, and Taurus is associated with the accumulation and relaxation, so Lunar Taurus will not move without a good reason. These people are very fond of comfortable environment, they usually like to sit in a chair by the fireplace, they are always enjoying a good meal. For the Lunar Taurus it is the most comfortable situation. Moreover, a person can have a quite pronounced active planets, including Mars. Which means, that this person is actively manifesting himself in life, but his idea of ??the rest, his dreams are as we have described: he wants to be warm, well fed and comfortable to be surrounded by beautiful and harmonious things, if not refined, but at least pleasing the eye.




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