Moon in Leo


Days of Leo are giving everyone a light, cheerful mood. It seems to us, that we are capable of almost anything and the world is at our feet. We would like to be praised by everyone and receive compliments. In this days, if you will give a good word to others - you will certainly get the same respond.
Those days are good for holidays and fun. If you would like your presentation or party to succeed, organize it in Leo's day. It is advisable to dress smartly and to go somewhere, where there is a lot of people and prevails the festive atmosphere: a theater, a concert, a visit. In those days, people give particular attention to the exterior: be sure, the way you look will be noticed. So do not be lazy if you want to make a favorable impression.


Born with the Moon in Leo


Leo is a fire sign, managed by the sun. Here the moon is visiting the sun, so the person with the moon in Leo will have a revealed subconscious, because the sun makes the disclosure, identifies those features that are most manifest. The sun shows the inner world, so the moon that is "visiting" the sun, reveals our wishes and desires. A person with the moon in Leo in any situation will perceive those aspects of it, and it will be configured for such a situations, in which he can unleash his inner world. Therefore, any situation in life he sees in terms of opportunities to show his personality, the possibility of creativity.

Here comes the tendency to some dramatization. Such a person is always an unconscious actor. In the worst case he will have the features of theatrical, bombastic person. In extreme cases it is strongly expressed steroid, which means, that a person begins to slander a perfectly ridiculous things saying that he allegedly committed some indiscretions, crimes, or telling stories, and in this time he quite sincerely believes in what he says. This is due to the fact that people with moon in Leo are experiencing very strong unconscious desire to draw others to their inner world and to draw people into their sphere of experiences. So they tend to unconsciously organize their lives so, that people will sympathize them, and if that fails, the Lunar Leo will try to ensure it with some artificial means. Because here the moon is in the house of sun, and the sun always has a tendency to stand in the center, and everything else has to revolve around it.

The moon in the house of the sun appears as if through a prism and has a solar features. The Lunar Leos are trying to put their subconscious, their inner world, their experiences at the center and other people have to revolve around these experiences. In the worst case (as we mentioned) - it is a steroid. At best, this will give the gift of acting, charm, as the secrets of the charm are exactly in the revealing of subconscious, in the ability to share the personal experiences.




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