Moon in Scorpio


Emotional stress increases in this days. Hysteria and over-excitement are growing. We are easy to be captured by both: the small and the big passions. In those days we are usually unhappy with ourselves, and with the others. Everything we see in the very black colors. Many of us are wishing for some dramatic changes their lives. We should not follow this tendency and this desire, because it is created actually only because of the heightened depending on the momentary mood swings.

In the days of Scorpio, we can become irritable, nervous, gloomy and morose. Along with those increases also the sensitivity, and we can, for example, acutely feel the imminent danger, although we never notice it previously. Yes, at these days we see life from the worst of it's sides. But sometimes it is even useful: seeing the bad things in life, we can fix them right on time.

During these days it is better not to take any decisions and drastic actions. It is better to dedicate the days of Scorpio to the calm and quiet introspection and correction of our own shortcomings. When we will make ourselves at least a little bit better, the world will not seem so bleak.


Born with the Moon in Scorpio


Scorpio is a water sign, managed by Mars and Pluto. Therefore, people with the moon in Scorpio are unconsciously set to a crisis, destruction, alteration of internal structure, transformation and death.

In any case, the original structure will be destroyed - this is a sphere of Pluto, which destroys all structures, making chaos. But then there will be two ways. One way - a self-destruction, when there are no higher creative forces, no highest values ??... this will lead to the destruction and death. Another way - if the higher values ??are found, there will be immediately formed a new order, the new structure, there will come a transformation and change. Therefore, people with the moon in Scorpio will be unconsciously set to the situations of transforming, changes and crisis. Since the unconscious structures of the inner world are constantly exposed to any damage and changes, then that person will naturally differ with a certain degree of hysteria, in some cases - strong irritability. His mood swings are severe and he has a very high desire for the psychological renewal, as his inner world is never in a state of equilibrium.

In any case, no matter what kind of structure was there, it begins to break down again, everything is always in a state of hyperactivity. This is a need for the constant change, the need to create a new structures. If this fails, then there will be formed a negative psychology. Which means, that whatever this kind of person will see in front of him, he will perceive it as having no value and as a subject for destruction. For him there is nothing in the world, that would be worth living, up to misanthropy. To avoid such a situation, the Lunar Scorpio needs an inner transformation - than this need will find the way out.

Moon in Scorpio gives a keen psychological gift. For example, the Moon in Cancer gives a gift to feel the deepest emotions of a person, his psychological state, and the moon in Scorpio will provide the ability to feel not only the inner world of people, but also their weak points, complexes, flaws, weak spots. These are the point of relapse, because the moon is visiting Mars and Pluto. Pluto, that is leading all these weaknesses to the active state, their active forms, and Mars, giving the aggravation, the acute manifestation.

Therefore, from these kind of people, depending on their spiritual orientation, may, on one hand, come a beautiful therapists, psychologists, clearly seeing any weaknesses. But on the other hand, if a person is directed towards evil, then he may turn sadistic, manipulative, because he will always be able to press the right buttons. These are terrible people.
On the esoteric level, it should be noted that through the energy of Scorpio there is a link to another world. So people with moon in Scorpio are often mediums, clairvoyants, they are able to subconsciously perceive a different world. For example, Nostradamus had his moon exactly in a sign of Scorpio.




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