Personality Number 1, 2, 3

Birthday Number 1

Personality Number - Number 1

The number one types have fiercely independent spirits. They wish to be in charge of their fate. One striking feature of personalities of number 1 is their strong leadership qualities. They are often considered qualified leaders in many circumstances. This enables them to take difficult decisions others would hesitate to take.

Their intelligence is higher than average. As a strong leader, they have an air of confidence that automatically draws out the follower in other people. They are famous among people for their unique ideas and perspectives. When they are committed to a goal, they put their heart and soul into achieving it.

As apparent, this personality type has one downside. Due to their confident demeanour and strong leading behaviour, they may come off as dominating or downright arrogant. It is essential that people around you agree with your methods and behaviour. The strong competitive spirit in you can bring out parts that are despised in public.