Birthday Number 6

Birthday Number 6

"Six" is a harmonious number. It is representing friendship, love, union, health, beauty and wisdom. This is a numerological ideal of such associations of people, which are forming a single unit, that differs with perfection.

Because the desire for harmony is the main feature of people born under Number 6, they have a certain magnetism, reflecting the fact that they are holistic people. "Charismatic personality" - a characteristic, that is best suited to them, if we notice the impact that they have on the others. People with the Birthday Number 6 may not be always beautiful or attractive, although many of them are distinguished by a special grace. But no matter how they look and what physical features they may possess, people of Number 6 have a certain energy that elevates them above the crowd. Many of these people are skillful in creating an "image", and it strengthens their influence on people. Manners, clothes, the whole appearance - all carefully thought out, so that it is effecting people perfectly. Number 6 do not always realize how much work they have to make to look so great, but they always achieve their goals. They are not from this kind of people that you meet, and immediately forget.

They are often trusted, but not necessarily treated with a true love - it seems, that they came from beyond the world. This happens even when there is no particular reason for such conclusions. Therefore, it is expedient for them to act as mediators, facilitators, able to settle conflicts and to ensure the success of the case. These people - a reliable confidants and advisers. Friends and acquaintances who want to get their recommendations will be pleased with the results. Carriers of the Number 6 rarely criticize someone - usually they accept people as they are, and are tolerant to their weaknesses and shortcomings. They always carefully calculate different situations, and very rarely someone is able to cheat on them twice. In pursuing their own interests in different areas, Number 6 usually do not let them to outgrow the established framework. Sometimes they seem to be just a smart manipulators, but in reality it is a very holistic people, and they are rightfully respected for that.


Emotional characteristics


Happiness - is when a person feels harmony between his body and soul, as well as between himself and his environment. So, the carriers of Birthday Number 6 are mostly happy, but it does not drive them crazy. However, sometimes, looking at them, one may say that they are too happy and it is not true. The habit of Number 6 to create a prosperous image only enhances this effect.
Like everyone else, people of this Number are subjected to some fluctuations and internal disorders. However, the ability to manipulate and the vanity from the fact that they belong to the ranks of happy people, for whom the sun shines always, is combined in Number 6 with the knowledge that dealing with human beings should be conducted on a fair basis.
Most of this people worry a lot about the others, if they see that they are somehow offended. And although they are rarely involved in the patronage and they rarely are adjacent to some human rights campaigns, in such cases they can not refrain from interference, especially if it is somehow concerned with their ideas of honor and justice.

Carriers of Number 6, as a rule, are very sexy. However, despite their charisma, they are not overusing the "universal love". Their ability to charm people often causes jealousy among the representatives of the same sex.

People with the Birthday Number 6 usually have a pragmatic view on love - material considerations are often playing a very important role when they are choosing a partner. Those who take love just as a great pastime, far from everyday worries - can become a victim of their own illusions.

Looking for a friend or a spouse, Number 6 should try to express his feelings and affection more openly. In this case they will most likely attract those partners who love them for what they really are, not not for what they seem to be.

From a financial point of view, the main problem for the average representative of the Number 6 stems from the need to align with the neighbors. Therefore, money are one of the biggest concerns of this people. They usually do not chase millions of dollars, do not dream of fantastic castles, but for them it is extremely important to have the means to acquire quality products. Falling into poverty, even for some very short time, is a true disaster for Number 6. They should better avoid extravagance, indulging their desires.

In most cases life of those born under Number 6 is quite harmonious. Due to the huge magnetic force of their personalities, they are not so rare to "catch a star from the sky". They are a reliable, trustworthy people, they love their lives to be easy and pleasant. If they will manage to properly use all advantages of Number 6, then they will be able to avoid the dangers hidden in the conceit, smugness and insincerity, which are also typical for this vibration. In the numerological hierarchy Number 6 in general is a favorable sign. It is quite safe to swing on the quiet waves of this "harbor of safety", though this innocent peace at times may be violated by hurricanes, suddenly blowing from the mainland or from the sea.